James Chen.

James Chen

Associate Professor

Contact Information

325 Jarvis




Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The George Washington University, 2011

Research Interests

Fundamental theories and numerical simulation for different physical problems across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Turbulence; Triboelectricity; Atomistic Simulation; Continuum Mechanics; Applied Mathematics; Multiscale Simulation

Selected Publications

  • M. I. Cheikh, L. B. Wonnell, James Chen, “A Morphing Continuum Analysis of Energy Transfer in Com- pressible Turbulence,” Physical Review Fluids, 3, 024604, 2018.​
  • James Chen,“Morphing Continuum Theory for Turbulence: Theory, Computation and Visualization,” Phys- ical Review E, 96, 043108, 2017​
  • James Chen, “An Advanced Theory for Morphing Continuum with Inner Structures,” Reports on Mathe- matical Physics, 80, 317-332,2017​
  • L. B. Wonnell, and James Chen, “Morphing Continuum Description for Boundary Layer Transition and Turbulence,” Journal of Fluids Engineering, 139, 011205, 2017​
  • L. Chen, James Chen, R. Lebensohn, Y. Ji, T. Heo, S. Bhattacharya, S. Mathaudhu, Z. Liu and L.-Q. Chen, “An integrated FFT-based phase-field and crystal plasticity approach for modeling static recrystallization of 3-D polycrystals,” Computer Method in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 285, 829-848, 2015​