Student News


Sixty high school girls completed hands-on projects in different disciplines of engineering at TINKER camp, hosted by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences on Aug. 7-11, 2017.

The First Annual Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine (SCiRM) Symposium was an exciting and stimulating event that brought together leaders from around the world in the field of stem cells. 

Austin Powers and Caleb Walters, both mechanical engineering students who graduated this past May, did more than just engineer something spectacular —they created something that deeply impacts someone’s life.

Ten students from UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences took a long drive from Buffalo to the desert of New Mexico in late June this year, with a rocket called Volans Tauri in tow.
Josh VanDeMortel is overseeing the care of up to 5,000 apple tree seedlings this summer, carefully recording data and making sure that each seedling has enough sun and water to thrive.  

The UB team defied the odds and came out of the experience with some strong bonds.