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An article on Design Build Network about the need to make buildings more earthquake resistant in light of predictions that there will be a noticeable increase in earthquakes in 2018 as a result of changes in the earth’s rotational patterns interviews Andrew Whittaker, professor of civil and structural engineering.

UB student Molly Dreyer's project aims to mitigate erosion on the northern shore and improve the health of the campus landmark.

The UB American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) student club earned 12 place overall at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition.
Reda Snaiki, a PhD structural engineering student, received the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean’s Graduate Achievement Award.

A proposal addressing solid waste management through an innovative approach to adolescent education will represent UB in the finals.


The projects — funded by the Great Lakes Research Consortium — explore important questions about the health of area waterways.

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