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“During the last four wildfire seasons, we have experienced seven out of the ten most destructive wildfires in the history of the United States,” says Fernando J. Szasdi B., a recent graduate of UB’s MS civil engineering program, “this is based on the number of burned or destroyed buildings and homes in wildland urban interface (WUI) communities.”
“We started off with just an idea. We didn’t have a product, and we didn’t even know if this was possible to finish.” So says Anish Ajay Kirtane, a graduate student in the Department of Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
The UB American Sociaty of Civil Engineering (ASCE) student club's steel bridge team earned fourth place overall at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition, and received second place honors for construction speed.
An article in the London Free Press about the World’s Challenge Challenge, which aims to address issues such as poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice, included photos of UB students Abdulrahman Hassaballah, Anish Kirtane and Olivia Burgner.
An article on about the rising water levels in the Great Lakes interviews Helen Domske, associate director of the Great Lakes Program at UB and senior coastal education specialist with New York Sea Grant program.
Yuan Hui, an environmental engineering PhD candidate, received the David M. Dolan Scholarship from the International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) for her work on phosphorus dynamics in the Great Lakes.
Jonathan Watts, vice president at Watts Architecture & Engineering, came to the University at Buffalo as a transfer student in 1996. He left his previous college because he felt that UB offered a more comprehensive engineering education, and went on to earn his BS in industrial engineering in 2000 and a BS in civil engineering in 2003.
Kennedy Colon is building a pipeline. While she’s a civil engineer, the pipeline she’s talking about is for students from disadvantaged and minority communities to get to STEM at UB – and succeed once they’re here.

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