CSEE COVID-19 Updates

What's Important Now

The Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering's first concern is the physical and mental health of our students, faculty and staff. As we transition to distance learning, we will support the academic progress of our undergraduate and graduate students. Below are some Department specific directives aimed at maintaining academic success and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

The University and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have already taken steps to keep the UB community safe. 

Visit the SEAS COVID-19 Information site to learn more about initiatives at the School level, and receive campus-wide updates at the UB COVID-19 information site. 

General Conditions (CSEE)

These precautions were put in place by Department leadership after careful considerations for the safety of all members of the CSEE community. Please remember that CSEE faculty and staff are available to students whether it be for questions regarding graduation, academic discussion or just general support. Members of the CSEE community will support each other throughout this process. 

  • Ketter Hall is not accessible except to faculty and SEESL staff and graduate students working in a lab.
  • The Department's computer labs in 208 Ketter Hall, 133a Ketter Hall and 1018 Furnas Hall are not available for use.
  • Do not expect to meet anyone in person. If you need to speak to a staff member, teaching assistant, instructor or anyone else, contact that person by phone, email or their preferred method of virtual conferencing (Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc.). 
  • No one, to the extent possible, should come to campus. Graduate students working the lab on research projects are exempt from this rule. Undergraduate and non-research graduate students should take the necessary actions to protect themselves and others. These include: washing hands, social distancing (at least six feet), keeping gatherings to fewer than 10 people, etc.
  • Unless otherwise notified by your instructor, you should anticipate being available at the same times for which a class was originally scheduled. The same logic applies to recitations and office hours. 

While the Department is encouraging students, faculty and staff to take steps aimed at maintaining physical health, we also want to remind you to keep your mental health in mind as well. UB Counseling Services remains open and are here to help. Although Counseling Services are not taking in-person appointments, students can speak to mental health professionals by calling (716) 645-2720. The Student Life Gateway also provides some information on self-help resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this section weekly as new questions are asked. 

What should I do in case I feel sick or am concerned I may have been exposed to the Coronavirus?

You should first contact the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center can connect you with a number of services. You can also contact the Erie County Health Department (ECHD). The ECHD generally will let you know what your next steps would be. 

What should I do if I am tested positive for the Coronavirus, or if I think I have been exposed?

If you think you have been exposed, please contact Student Health Services. If you are tested positive, the ECHD will provide further information on what you need to do. Please let the Chair of the Department know if you are in quarantine and if you need additional help. 

What should I do if I have computer problems and can't access UBLearns or in general participate virtually?

If this is a software or general access problem, you should contact the UBIT Help Center. If it is a hardware problem, there could be a delay in getting it fixed. Please contact your instructor (if you are taking courses) or advisor (if you are only doing research) and let them know of your situation.

What if my computer is not functioning properly, or I experience other hardware issues?

Share this information with your instructor as soon as possible. Given the circumstances, instructors may be more willing to offer extensions or look at alternative options. If you are experiencing issues, or lack the necessary hardware, the first step is to consult with your instructor to find a solution. 

I own a Mac and cannot access some of the software required to complete assignments for my course

Contact your instructor and let them know about your issue as soon as possible. One possible solution is to try using My Virtual Computing Lab. Students should also contact either SENS: senshelp@buffalo.edu, or UBIT at ubithelp@buffalo.edu. Another option could be to download the free Boot Camp Support utility from Apple and download one of the Windows upgrades from UBIT. These final two options are suggestions, however, and students should first contact their instructor, try the "My Virtual Computing Lab," and contact SENS/UBIT before attempting these alternative methods.

Will the graduation ceremony still go on as planned? How will I get my diploma?

A final decision on whether the commencement ceremony will take place has not been made. Further information will be provided when it becomes available. Diplomas are mailed during the summer following graduation (this is the usual practice, anyway). If there is any question, make sure the Registrar has your proper address (where the diploma should be mailed). 

Is it known whether things will return to normal in the Fall, or if classes will remain online for next semester?

At this time, we are anticipating course delivery and other aspects of University life will return to normal for the fall semester. There are presently no plants to continue the current online format, but we do not know how long the COVID-19 challenges will last, so this situation may change. 

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COVID-19 Resources

- UB Student Health Center: (716) 829-3316

- Erie County Health Department:  (716) 858-7690

- UBIT Help Center: (716) 645-3542

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