CSEE COVID-19 Updates

A return to campus

The Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering's first concern is the physical and mental health of our students, faculty and staff. We welcome our University community back to campus in accordance with state guidelines, and will strive to provide a safe environemnt. 

The University and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have already taken steps to keep the UB community safe. 

Visit the SEAS COVID-19 Information site to learn more about initiatives at the School level, and receive campus-wide updates at the UB COVID-19 information site. 

General Conditions (CSEE)

While the Department is encouraging students, faculty and staff to take steps aimed at maintaining physical health, we also want to remind you to keep your mental health in mind as well. UB Counseling Services remains open and are here to help. Although Counseling Services are not taking in-person appointments, students can speak to mental health professionals by calling (716) 645-2720. The Student Life Gateway also provides some information on self-help resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this section weekly as new questions are asked. 

What should I do in case I feel sick or am concerned I may have been exposed to the Coronavirus?

You should first contact the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center can connect you with a number of services. You can also contact the Erie County Health Department (ECHD). The ECHD generally will let you know what your next steps would be. 

Will those exhibiting the symptoms associated with COVID-19 be sent home by faculty or staff?

According to University guidelines: If students or employees feel sick, they should stay home and seek health advice. It is each member of the UB community’s responsibility and shared duty to comply and act responsibly, to help ensure the health and safety of everyone on campus.

What should I do if I am tested positive for the Coronavirus, or if I think I have been exposed?

If you think you have been exposed, please contact Student Health Services. If you are tested positive, the ECHD will provide further information on what you need to do. Please let the Chair of the Department know if you are in quarantine and if you need additional help. 

Is the University making any changes to its ventilation and air purification?

Neither the CDC nor the ASHRAE recommend additional cleaning of air handling systems, air handler, ductwork or any other comnents due to the Coronavirus. There are currently no known cases of COVID spread from HVAC ductwork. Facilities will continue to assess the risk for building occupants and optimize HVAC system performance for each individual building system. 

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Ask the Chair

CSEE chair Joseph Atkinson is a resource for students during this transition. Please submit your questions or comments directly to him via the form below. 

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COVID-19 Resources

- UB Student Health Center: (716) 829-3316

- Erie County Health Department:  (716) 858-7690

- UBIT Help Center: (716) 645-3542

- UB Emergency Funds: (716) 645-6154

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