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Alumni Directory: Michelle L. Van Steele

Michelle L. Van Steele
B.S., 1996
  • Address: 13 C Rovanten Park; Ballston Lake, NY 12019
  • Email: mvansteele@hotmail.com
  • Employer: SUNY at Albany
  • Position: Student
  • Additional info:

    Maiden Name: Michelle Schuyler.

    When I attended SUNY Buffalo my name was Michelle Schuyler but I was married in 1998 hence my name is now Michelle Van Steele. After graduation I decided that I teaching is a profession which suits me more than Engineering. Currently I am completing a second degree in Math with a minor in Education at the SUNY Albany campus. Please feel free to contact me especially if we attended school together.

    Original Submission: January 2001

  • Entry posted: 1/2001