Noah Seiler wins 2nd place in AIChE Student Co-op Presentation Competition

Noah Seiler.

Published October 1, 2019

Noah Seiler placed 2nd in the 2019 AIChE Virtual Local Section (VLS) student competition. Top undergraduate student co-ops and interns present on their exciting work at this special annual VLS event. Each finalist has up to 10 minutes to present the results of their summer or co-op project and answer questions from a live audience.

Co-op at McGard LLC


Noah Seiler worked as a Process (Chemical) Engineering Co-Op employee at McGard LLC during the spring 2019 semester and stayed with the group through the summer. Seiler's project at McGard was focused on decreasing stains on electroplated lug nuts and wheel locks. After the parts pass through the plating baths, they enter rinse tanks to remove the majority of contaminants. However, any residual contaminants will dry to the parts when the water evaporates, resulting in a stain. He worked to improve the purity of this rinse water, resulting in a decrease of stains by roughly 50%. 

Tom Lanham, Process Engineering Department Manager at McGard LLC says about Noah, "We as a company were proud to witness his professional growth in project management, problem solving, team building skills, task delegation and presentation skills.  His project work was very successful, and we were sorry to see him go.  Noah took on the Co-Op, which was not mandatory, as a challenge and was able to very successfully apply the knowledge he has gained in the university environment to the manufacturing environment here at McGard.   We are confident that he will be successful in all future professional ventures, and we hope to see him in the future."