Contact Information

223 Bell Hall



Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University at Buffalo, 1987

Research Interests

Computational and applied mechanics, size-dependent and multi-physics mechanics, boundary element methods, finite element methods, thermomechanics, computational fluid dynamics, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.

Selected Publications

  • Darrall, B.T., Hadjesfandiari, A.R. and Dargush, G.F., "Size-dependent Piezoelectricity: A 2D Finite Element Formulation for Electric Field-mean Curvature Coupling in Dielectrics," Euro. J. Mech. A Solids, 49, 308-320 (2015)
  • Hadjesfandiari, A.R., Hajesfandiari, A. and Dargush, G.F. "Skew-symmetric Couple-stress Fluid Mechanics," Acta Mech., 226, 871-895 (2015).
  • Campillo-Funolleta, M., Dargush, G.F., VanSlooten, R.A., Mollendorf, J.C., Kim, H. and Makowka, S.R., "Size-dependent Strength of Dental Adhesive Systems," Dental Materials, 30, e216-e228 (2014).
  • Dargush, G.F. and Kim, J., “Mixed Convolved Action,” Phys, Rev. E, 85, 066606 (2012).
  • Apostolakis, G. and Dargush, G.F., “Mixed Lagrangian Formulation for Linear Thermoelastic Response of Structures,” J. Engrg. Mech., 138, 508-518 (2012).
  • Luo, X., Aref, A.J. and Dargush, G.F., “Optimal Design of Bundled Layered Elastic Stress Wave Attenuators,” J. Comp. Civil Engrg., 26, 387-395 (2012).
  • Hadjesfandiari, A.R. and Dargush, G.F., “Boundary Element Formulation for Plane Problems in Couple Stress Elasticity,” Int. J. Num. Meth. Engrg., 89, 618-636 (2012).
  • Hadjesfandiari, A.R. and Dargush, G.F., “Couple Stress Theory for Solids,” Int. J. Solids Struct., 48, 2496-2510 (2011).
  • Hadjesfandiari, A.R. and Dargush, G.F., “Analysis of Bi-material Interface Cracks with Complex Weighting Functions and Non-standard Quadrature,” Int. J. Solids Struct., 48, 1499-1512 (2011).