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Vladimir Mitin


Vladimir Mitin


Specialty/Research Focus

Nanoelectronic, microelectric and optoelectronic devices and materials; transport and noise in heterostructures, thin films, quantum wells and quantum wires; simulation, design and testing of photodetectors, terahertz sensors and solar cells

Contact Information

312 C Bonner Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-1036


Biography Publications Teaching Research


V. Mitin is an author of 14 patents, and more than 240 publications in refereed journals.

He is a coauthor of five textbooks and four monographs. He also published nine review papers.

Currently he is working in the following areas: Nanoelectronic, Microelectric and Optoelectronic Devices and Materials; Transport and Noise in Heterostructures, Thin Films, Quantum Wells and Quantum Wires; Simulation, Design and Testing of  Photodetectors, Terahertz Sensors and Solar Cells.

As a result of his research activity Dr. Mitin has supervised on average ten researchers each semester since 1992 (visitors, postdocs, Ph.D. and MS students). He graduated 19 Ph.D students.

Developed and taught at the University at Buffalo (UB) since Fall 2009 a new course "Quantum Mechanics for Engineers: First Course in Nanoelectronics". The course development was supported by NSF CCLI/TUES program. The text "Quantum Mechanics for Nanostructures" that was prepared for the course is published by Cambridge University Press in June 2010. Developed and taught since September 2007 a new Nanotechnology laboratory course for undergraduates at UB. Developed and taught at UB since January 2005 a new course "Nanotechnology, Engineering and Science". The course development was supported by NSF program on Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education. The text "Introduction to Nanoelectronics: Nanotechnology, Engineering, Science, and Applications" that was prepared for the course is published by Cambridge University Press in February 2008. Updated and taught during Spring 2004 semester a course EE 538 "Quantum Heterostructures and Devices" for graduate students at UB. Updated and taught all graduate courses in Solid State Electronics at Wayne State University. The course "Solid State Electronics II" was developed to the stage of a textbook "Introduction to Solid State Electronics" which was published by the Addison-Wesley Publishing Company in August 1996. The course "Advanced Solid State Electronics I" was completed as a textbook "Quantum Heterstructures: Microelectronics and Optoelectronics" that was published by Cambridge University Press in 1999. Introduced and taught new graduate course - "Computational Electronics". New course in Electronic and Photonic Materials was developed under the support of NSF and a course pack was prepared. Taught undergraduate course "Electromagnetic Fields and Waves". By a team of three professors a new course "Mathematical Methods in Engineering" was developed and a textbook "Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers" was published by John Wiley & Sons in March, 2001.

V. Mitin delivered more than seventy invited talks at National and International Conferences.


  • PhD, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Ukranian Academy of Sciences, 1971
  • MS, Radiophysics, Rostov State University, 1968