UB and Community Recycling Resources

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink.

Please recycle whenever possible.

Recycling Sites

Recycle these types of items by following these procedures.

Alkaline Batteries

  1. Davis Hall, Computer Science and Engineering, Room 338S (east of the suite entrance)
  2. UB Sustainability Office Battery Recycling Locations

Computer Disks

  1. Reuse of computer disks.  First, contact cse-consult@buffalo.edu to see if we can reuse your computer disks for some CSE departmental function.
  2. Destruction of computer disks.  After you submit a University Facilities Disposal of Equipment form, UB Facilities collects electronic waste and temporarily stores it at  Helm Facility Warehouse for later collection by Sunnking Electronics Recycling.  But Sunnking doesn't contractually guarantee data destruction.  So departments must destroy all data onsite.


  1. Stack electronics in the alcove in front of the Davis 339 data center/server room suite. Contact cse-consult@buffalo.edu to fill out a University Facilities Disposal of Equipment form. You can fill out most of this form yourself if you prefer, but it requires a departmental signature to authorize University Facilities to begin work.


  1. UB Facilities distributes mixed paper recycling bins in the hallways throughout campus.

Videoprojector Lightbulbs

  1. Contact cse-consult@buffalo.edu to remove them for you.