UB AGC places third in ASC competition

Six students and a faclty advisor (all male) embrace each other with some standing and some kneeling. They hold a plaque recognizing them for winning third place in the Associated Schools of Construction competition.

The UB Associated General Contractors club earns it's second top three finish in four months. 

By Justin Huang

Published February 28, 2024

Earlier this month, eight University at Buffalo engineering students earned third place in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Regions 6 & 7 Competition in Reno, NV. Out of the eight UB representatives, six were Association of General Contractors (AGC) club members, marking another success for the organization at ASC competitions this school year.

The club succeeds once again


UB’s AGC club jumped out of the gate just a few months after starting again after years of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In November, the team placed second in the smaller ASC Regional 1 competition’s open concrete category

The ASC Regions 6 & 7 Competition hosts 55 schools and over 200 industrial companies—UB’s team competed in the open mechanical category sponsored by Murray Company. None of the UB AGC members has mechanical engineering experience, and this was the club’s first time participating in the event. The group excelled as the only Northeastern school to place in the entire competition. 

“The fact that we were able to place in a category we were not best suited for speaks volumes about the students on the team, as well as the education received at UB,” says BS civil engineering student and UB AGC co-president Cade Patchell.

Murray Company’s open mechanical category assigned contestants to take over the plumbing, HVAC, and piping components of an architectural contractor’s project; competitors were also tasked with allocating considerations for future operations and maintenance of the site.

UB AGC members efficiently analyzed the situation and collaborated to develop a plan addressing the needs of the problem. They proposed work schedules optimized for labor productivity and managed the costs and materials for construction, all while outlining and adhering to safety and quality regulations.

In addition to displaying their engineering expertise in the field, AGC team members were able to connect with many of the companies and professionals attending the event. The job fair held after the main presentations offered exposure to insightful internships and career opportunities.

UB AGC co-president Elliot Angus voices the sentiment shared by everybody on the team: “I’m absolutely thrilled to bring hardware home to Buffalo from such a prestigious event.”