Haiqing Lin Captures AIChE Innovation Award

Haiqing Lin's research group.

Published August 20, 2020

Above:  Haiqing Lin with his research group at the 2019 UB CBE Graduate Research Symposium

Haiqing Lin has been awarded the 2020 AIChE Separations Divisions Award


Haiqing Lin was recognized for his continuous contributions to the development of high-performance membrane materials for CO2 capture from fossil fuel-based processes and the impact on industrial membrane technology. He earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin studying the design of poly(ethylene oxide)-based polymers for CO2 removal from mixtures with hydrogen and nitrogen. During his tenure at Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (MTR), he led the development of PolarisTM membranes for industrial hydrogen separation and CO2 removal. Lin joined the University at Buffalo faculty in 2013.  He continues to push the envelope of membrane technology by designing and synthesizing novel membrane materials for CO2 capture, including H2/CO2 and CO2/N2 separations. His work has been funded by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.