Stella Alimperti has been appointed as Principal Investigator at American Dental Association/NIST

Stella Alimperti.

Stella Alimperti, PhD 2014

Stella Alimperti, a former member of the Stelios Andreadis research group, has been appointed as principal investigator at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Washington, D.C. Her research is focused on developing new tissue engineering and regenerative therapies with emphasis on oral health. Oral diseases are considered the most expensive to treat, and although different treatments have been developed against them, significant challenges remain, such as high cost, aging, and lifelong side-effects such as oral malignancies. Thus, engineering oral therapeutics that can be applied to personalized medical treatment remains an important medical need. Alimperti’s research is focused on the development of tools to identify new biological targets involved in microvascular diseases impacting oral medicine.