Junyi Liu receives recognition for his work on solubility selective membranes for carbon capture

Junyi Liu.

Published September 9, 2019


Junyi Liu received his master degree from the University at Buffalo in Chemical Engineering 2016 and his PhD in 2019. His thesis focused on solubility selective membranes for carbon capture.

Liu, a former student in the Haiqing Lin research group, published his work on “Highly Polar but Amorphous Polymers with Robust Membrane CO2/N2 Separation Performance” in Joule, one of the industry’s premier journals in chemical engineering.

Junyi Liu.


He also recently received the 2019 AIChE Separation Division Graduate Student Research Award. This is a highly competitive award with a global nomination pool. The goal of the award is to recognize outstanding graduate students whose research work focuses on separations, such as adsorption, ion-exchange, and membrane-based separations.

Junyi Liu receiving award.