SEAS Recommendation on Maternity Accommodation for Faculty

SEAS commits to providing a family-friendly atmosphere for its faculty.  This maternity accommodation recommendation aims at furthering this objective.

Tenured/tenure-track (TT) faculty in SEAS will be relieved of all teaching for a semester (without penalty in the prior or future semesters).  Non-TT faculty will have a 50% teaching load reduction for one semester (without penalty in the prior or future semesters).  These accommodations should follow the birth of a baby, and be implemented within one year of the birth, to accommodate recovery and the peak feeding needs.

In addition, all faculty and staff may request access to a lactation room as needed.

This would of course be in addition to the stop-the-clock provisions for both genders.

The above policy compliments the State benefit information about leaves due to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare.

Last updated June 1, 2017