SEAS Faculty & Staff Award Descriptions and Criteria

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences recognizes faculty and staff excellence through an awards program. Recipients are nominated by fellow faculty/staff and vetted by the SEAS Faculty Awards Committee or the SEAS Staff Awards Committee. 

Faculty Awards

Best Teaching Early Career Researcher Early Career Teacher Senior Researcher Senior Teacher

Early Career Researcher of the Year Award


This award is presented to early career faculty member(s) whose recent research at UB demonstrates relevance and importance to the overall mission of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Eligible awardees must be full-time members of one of the School's departments/units and untenured at the Assistant Professor level. Additionally, they must have been at UB for a 3-year period. A faculty member may receive the Early Career Researcher Award only once. A maximum of three awards will be made each year. Individuals who have received the UB Exceptional Scholar Award for Young Investigator are not eligible for this award. 


Each Chair may nominate up to three persons from his/her department for this award. A cover letter from the Chair (maximum 1 page) and recent CV (maximum 5 paqes) must accompany the nomination, together with a citation paragraph which states succinctly why the individual being nominated is worthy of the award. Applications shall be considered by the SEAS Awards Committee. The nominee's name (with nomination materials) will be forwarded to the Dean for final approval. 


This award recognizes outstanding untenured early career researcher(s) in the school whose recent work at UB has made significant contributions to his or her field. This may be indicated by a significant publication(s), a sustained record of tier-one publications, or a sustained record.

Deadline: December 10

Staff Awards


Nominees (individuals or teams) should demonstrate one or more of the attributes described in the award criteria at the highest levels of contribution, impact, and excellence in relation to SEAS Strategic Goals and UB2020 Goals. With supportive examples, describe why and how the nominee(s) merits special recognition. Please submit a document that addresses the following:

  1. Nominee Name, Department, Job Title, Supervisor Name
  2. Nominator (can be staff or faculty) Name(s), Department(s), Title(s)
  3. Duration of time you have worked with nominee(s) (minimum of 1 year)
  4. Describe how the nominee(s) demonstrates the attributes and impacted contributions in relation to SEAS and UB2020 Goals with supportive examples, based on criteria. (maximum 2 pages)
  5. Nominee may not have any formal disciplinary action within 12 months prior to nomination date.
  6. Nominee, may be full or part time (minimum .5 FTE), from any classification, and any paid entity.
  7. No re-nomination for a minimum of 3 years for any award category for all prior awardees.
  8. No re-nomination for the same award, for prior awardees.
  9. Please send all nominations to your Department Chair, Associate Dean, or Dean, who will pass it on to the appropriate Departmental Committee member.

Deadline for all
Staff Awards:

February 15

Unsung Hero Award Dean’s Award Rising Star Award Customer Service Award Cause for Applause

Unsung Hero Award


Staff member who contributes significantly to a SEAS department, but whose role and support for the department may not be as visible a role as some others. Someone who has been out of the limelight and behind the scenes but vital to the department. (at least one award)


 3 or more years of service

  • Staff member who has made a difference in their department and whose efforts have helped department goals.
  • Mentors staff, faculty or students and contributes to the department or SEAS as a whole.
  • Someone who has created or implemented a vision for his/her domain on their own initiative without requiring recognition.
  • Demonstrates success of academic or workforce achievement that has been largely unnoticed but has had a powerful impact in the daily lives of faculty, staff and students.