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June 4 - 5, 2019 | Buffalo, NY

This annual symposium is dedicated to the late Erich Bloch, former director of the National Science Foundation who helped endow the Department of Materials Design and Innovation at UB.

2018 Erich Bloch Symposium.

2018 Erich Bloch Symposium at Jacobs School of Medicine 

2019 Erich Bloch Symposium

Discovering Pathways to Innovation

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Here you can find all of the photos from the 2019 Erich Bloch Symposium.

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Networking Reception

June 4th

Dinner at Butler Mansion

June 5th

Poster Session

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The MDI Summer Institute is an extra-mural program of UB’s Department of Materials Design and Innovation that supports a broad range of outreach activities to promote research and education platforms in materials design. Its flagship event is the annual Erich Bloch Symposium.

The events

The Summer Institute includes additional events in conjunction with the Erich Bloch Symposium. Following the symposium, on June 5, 2019, the Collaboratory for a Regenerative Economy (CoRE) will host a workshop – the CoRE Solar Summit, and will continue through June 6th, 2019.  Attendance to this event is by invitation.

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This year's symposium will be held at Davis Hall, University at Buffalo, North Campus.

Event Start Date: June 4, 2019