Here is how we prove the impossible.

Our unique educational programs, the only degrees of their kind, take materials science to the next level. We provide students with a data intensive perspective of materials science and engineering that is integrated with a strong foundation in informatics.

By combining the study of materials with data science, our graduates will join the workforce with the ability to accelerate the design and discovery of new materials, emergent properties and processing strategies that impact a broad range of technological applications including advanced manufacturing, biosciences, energy and environmental sciences in a socially responsible manner.

Teaching and learning happens in small groups.

Academic programs that address tomorrow's challenges today.

The Department of Materials Design and Innovation is a forward-leaning, interdisciplinary department that aims to transform the training and education of materials scientists and engineers. 

Our department, which is part of UB's College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, offers one-of-a-kind bachelors, masters and doctoral programs in the materials science and engineering field.

  • Undergraduate Education
    The BS degree program is designed to train students in data science methods, and to apply these methods to the study of material structure and behavior.  
  • Graduate Education
    Our MS and PhD programs emphasize a data driven perspective of materials discovery and design. We offer unique graduate programs that use materials informatics to link the experimental and computational perspectives of materials science and engineering.

Teaching Facilities

Materials Learning Laboratory: a collaborative mobile workspace for students that integrates training in both bench science and computational sciences.

Materials Digital Scholar: a virtual learning environment coordinated with the UB Library, linking specialized materials science databases with MDI’s own online learning tools. 

MDI Learning Lab.
Learning lab with instructor presenting.