Here is how we prove the impossible.

Students in MDI come from all STEM disciplines. The coursework is carefully sequenced beginning with courses on linking materials science fundamentals with data science tools followed with a series of courses that will emphasize the role of integration of "bench science" with computational science.  

Teaching and learning happens in small groups.

Our curriculum has two key pedagogical objectives:


To link training in material sciences with data sciences and


To link experimental sciences and computational sciences

Prospective Undergraduate Students

The MDI Explorer Program provides research opportunities in materials science for undergraduates and high school students. Contact us for more information.  

Prospective Graduate Students

The MDI department emphasizes a data driven perspective of materials discovery and design. We offer a unique program on the use of materials informatics that links experimental and computational perspectives of materials science and engineering.

Academically qualified students from all fields of science and engineering are welcome to apply. Basic admission requirements follow UB guidelines.

Teaching Facilities

Materials Learning Laboratory: a collaborative mobile workspace for students that integrates training in both bench science and computational sciences.

Materials Digital Scholar: a virtual learning environment coordinated with the UB Library, linking specialized materials science databases with MDI’s own on-line learning tools. 

Materials Learning Lab.