Safely meeting demand for renewable energy with innovative material design for health and sustainability

Published October 19, 2020


PV Magazine was among outlets that carried a piece co-authored by Krishna Rajan, Erich Bloch Chair of the Department of Materials Design and Innovation on the Collaboratory for a Regenerative Environment (CoRE), an innovative partnership between MDI, Clean Production Action and Niagara Share.

The renewable energy industry has the potential to significantly improve human health, safety, and the environment around the globe. This calls for a holistic view of materials development, including determining the ability to synthesize a new material, as well as studying how it will perform, and its impact on the manufacturing process and sustainability.

CoRE brings together academic experts in materials science with entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations to accelerate clean production and sustainable materials in the renewable energy economy. CoRE's innovative collaborations and data-driven tools enable business, government, and nonprofit leaders to identify and select inherently safer chemicals and sustainable materials for a healthier renewable energy economy

Co-authors are Mark Rossi of Clean Production Action, Alexandra McPherson of Niagara Share, and Chitra Rajan, University at Buffalo associate vice president for research advancement.

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