E. Bruce Pitman


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E. Bruce Pitman


E. Bruce Pitman


Research Topics

Mathematical modeling; high performance computing; model uncertainty and uncertainty quanti cation

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Primary Advisor

Asif Mahmood (PhD, 2012) Mathematics \A Physics-Based Emulator for the Simulation of Geophysical Mass Flows"

Yanhong Wu (PhD, 2012) Mathematics \Parameter Estimation of Renal Models"

Haoyan Chi (PhD, 2011) Mathematics \Analysis and application of Reformulated Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics"

John Dambra (Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2010) Mathematics

Tracy Stepien (Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2008) Mathematics

Saziye Bayram (PhD, 2006) Mathematics\Analysis of TGF-mediated dynamics in a system of many coupled nephrons"

Long Le (PhD, 2006) Mathematics\New models for geophysical mass ows"

Madan Mohan Reddy Kandula (MS, 2004) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Elizabeth Richards (MS, 2002) Mathematics

Iona Sirbu [co-director] (PhD, 2002) Mathematics \A perturbation approach to the electron correlation cusp"

C. Camil Nichita (PhD, 2002) Mathematics \Numerical simulation of magneto-rheological suspensions using a continuum approach"

Roman Zaritski (PhD, 1999) Mathematics \Models of complex dynamics in glomerularltration rate"

Soumya Raychaudhria (Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 1996) Mathematics

Wang Yunpeng (MS, 1994) Mathematics

Yigong Ni (PhD, 1994) Mathematics \Dynamic limit of visco-elastic relaxation with a van der Waals type stress"

Post-doctoral Supervision

Xiaoyan Bian (2010-2012) Mathematics

Gustavo Cordoba [co-director] (2008-2010) Geology

C. Camil Nichita [co-director] (2002-2004) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering