Rajan Batta

Rajan Batta.

Rajan Batta

Rajan Batta

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Operations research, production systems

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Recent Journal Publications

  • M. Moskal, E. Dasdemir and R. Batta, “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Information Collection Missions with Uncertain Characteristics,” to appear in INFORMS Journal on Computing. UAV ROUTING 
  • E. Dasdemir, R. Batta, M. Koksalan and D. Ozturk, “UAV Routing for Reconnaissance Mission: A MultiObjective Orienteering Problem with Time-dependent Prizes and Multiple Connections,” to appear in Computers & Operations Research. UAV ROUTING 
  • M. Sabbaghtorkan, R. Batta and Q. He, “Managing Gas Supplies in a Short-notice Hurricane Evacuation,” to OR Spectrum, (2022), Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 911-945. HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS 
  • J. Becker and R. Batta, “Canadian Prize Collection Problem: Assessing the Impact of a Disaster Event,” to appear in Military Operations Research. DISASTER ESTIMATION
  • S. Jotrao and R. Batta, “Time-Constrained UAV Path Planning in 3D Network for Maximum Information Gain,” Military Operations Research, (2021), Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 5-25. UAV ROUTING 
  • P. Cho and R. Batta, “UAV Search Path Optimization for Recording Emerging Targets,” Military Operations Research, (2021), Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 27-48. UAV ROUTING 
  • A. Khare, R. Batta and J.E. Kang, “On the Analysis of Last-Mile Relief Delivery on a Tree Network: Application to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake,” Journal of the Operational Research Society, (2021), Vol. 72, pp. 727-743. HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS 
  • A. Madani, R. Batta and M. Karwan, “The Balancing Traveling Salesman Problem: Application to Warehouse Order Picking,” TOP, Vol. 29, (2021), Vol. 29, pp. 442-469. WAREHOUSE ORDER PICKING
  • F. Aarabi and R. Batta, “A Mixed Integer Programming Approach for Scheduling Spatially Distributed Jobs with Degradation Rate: Application to Pothole Repair,” Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, (2020), Vol. 72, December. JOB SCHEDULING 
  • M. Taslimi, R. Batta and C. Kwon, “Medical Waste Collection Considering Transportation and Storage Risk,” Computers and Operations Research, (2020), Vol. 120, August. HAZMAT ROUTING 
  • N. Wei, J. Walteros and R. Batta, “On the Distance between Random Events on a Network,” Networks, (2020), Vol. 75, pp. 203–231. URBAN OPERATIONS RESEARCH 
  • A. Khare, Q. He and R. Batta, “Predicting Gasoline Shortage During Disasters Using Social Media,” OR Spectrum, (2020), Vol. 42, pp. 693-726. HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS 
  • M. Sabbaghtorkan, R. Batta and Q. He, “Prepositioning of Resources and Supplies in Disaster Operations Management: Review and Research Gap Identification,” European Journal of Operational Research, (2020), Vol. 284, pp. 1-19. HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS 
  • B. Bhattacharya, L. Lin, R. Batta and P. Ram, “Stock-out Severity Index: Tool for Evaluating Inequity in Drug Stock-outs,” Central European Journal of Operations Research, (2020), Vol. 28, pp. 1243-1263. HEALTH CARE DELIVERY 

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