$300K grant will help UB create training for professors on teaching neurodiverse students

Published October 4, 2021


WBFO reports that UB learning scientists are using a $300,000 grant to create professional development that will teach professors how to best teach students with ADHD and other forms of neurodivergence.

“How do you better support those students? What do they need? What kinds of challenges are they going to face in the classroom, but what we're trying to adapt it to, is the undergraduate level in computer sciences because there are so many neurodivergent students that are interested in STEM, especially interested in computer sciences who don't make it all the way through the program,” said Rachel Bonnette, a UB postdoctoral student who’s working on the grant with Sam Abramovich, associate professor in the Graduate School of Education.

Adrienne Decker, an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Education, is a co-PI on the grant.

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