Undergraduate Education

Faculty member Kris Depowski O'Donnell leads a class.

Our department is the home of a new BS in Engineering Science program, which is flexible and multi-departmental, offering students the opportunity to pursue a unique program of study to meet their own special interests or objectives. 

Certain engineering topics such as introductory electric circuits, introductory programming, statics, dynamics, etc., are required to be taken by students in multiple engineering majors. Department of Engineering Education professors are the primary instructors for these lower-division engineering courses. Additionally, the department is developing a two-course, interdisciplinary lab sequence and a two-course, interdisciplinary capstone design sequence that can be taken as electives by students in any engineering major. 

Our faculty also support parts of the SEAS first year engineering program, which introduces students to engineering design and helps them explore career opportunities.

Undergraduate Engineering Courses Taught by Our Faculty

  • EAS 199 UB Seminar
  • EAS 200 Electrical Engineering Concepts for Non-Majors
  • EAS 207 Statics
  • EAS 208 Dynamics
  • EAS 209 Mechanics of Solids
  • EAS 230 Engineering Computations
  • EAS 240 Introduction to Programming for Engineers
  • EAS 498 Research/Creative Activity
  • ENS 321 Engineering Science Laboratory 1
  • ENS 322 Engineering Science Laboratory 2
  • ENS 493 Capstone Design 1
  • ENS 494 Capstone Design 2