About Us

faculty member Stephanie Phillips lecturing.
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students working in a team.

The Department of Engineering Education is a new interdisciplinary department that aims to advance the engineering profession and transform the way in which students are educated.

By design, our department is highly interdisciplinary because our academic offerings encompass not only engineering education, but also technical communication and aspects of undergraduate engineering that are of common interest across multiple engineering majors.

Our interdisciplinary nature facilitates collaboration with other University at Buffalo units. These collaborations include, for example, implementation of diversity and inclusion activities as components of non-educational research projects, assessment of educational interventions, non-traditional and informal learning programs as well as fundamental research in core areas such as pedagogy, student learning, curricular design, student success factors, etc.

Our students benefit from having a faculty that excels in state-of-the-art research and teaching methods. Our collaborative environment provides opportunities for students to be highly engaged throughout their educational experience and encourages excellence in the classroom, laboratory and field.

For those interested in pursuing a career in engineering education, we provide graduate-level instruction in education theory in combination with research methods for studying and improving current knowledge. For those pursuing a career in other branches of engineering, we provide graduate-level instruction in the practical application and utilization of education theory in classrooms and other teaching environments.