Clean Room Facility

Students in Clean Room.

Students in Clean Room

The state of the art Electrical Engineering Clean Room houses 5,000 square-feet of Class 1,000 space, which allows for the intricate work of fabricating nanodevices. Within this highly controlled atmosphere, pollutants and airborne particles are minimized through an extensive filtration system. "Vibration-free" facilities also allow faculty researchers to conduct the sensitive measurements needed for nanotechnology research.

Clean Room Facility

  • New state of the art facility opened in 2011 with Davis Hall
  • 5,000 square feet of Class 1000 clean room space
  • Over $1 million invested in new equipment
  • 7 bays of research space
  • 6 equipment chases
  • 5 fume hoods (3 acid hoods, 2 solvent hoods)
  • Large changing room with air shower entry
  • Built by industry leader Clean Rooms West of California

Featured Equipment

Contact: David Eason, Ph.D.