Paschalis Alexandridis


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Paschalis Alexandridis


Paschalis Alexandridis


Research Topics

Self-assembly; directed assembly; complex fluids; soft materials; nanomaterials; interfacial phenomena; polymers; surfactants; particles; formulations; biomass processing; plastics recycling

Contact Information

508 Furnas Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-1183

Fax: (716) 645-3822

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Professor Alexandridis' research aims to create and manipulate molecular organization at the nano-scale and organization at the micron-scale of nano-objects via (a) the self-assembly of amphiphiles in a variety of conformations and length-scales, and/or (b) the use of prescribed external fields to direct macromolecules, assemblies, and/or particles.

Amphiphiles such as block copolymers, surfactants, lipids and proteins, posses moieties with an affinity for different environments. This molecular design enables amphiphiles to spontaneously organize: self-assembly. Self-assembly is an energy-efficient process that leads to functional, high value-added products with desired compartmentalization, compatibilization, rheological, and interfacial properties. Nano-scale objects resulting from self-assembly or (bio)synthesis (e.g., cells, nanoparticles) can be organized over larger length-scales, often in a hierarchical fashion, via the application of external fields (flow, electric): directed assembly.

Research interests

  • Self-assembly of amphiphiles: thermodynamics and dynamics
  • Block copolymer phase behavior and structure
  • Small-angle scattering characterization of soft nanomaterials
  • Rheology of complex fluids and structure-property relationships
  • Surfactant - polymer - colloidal particle interactions
  • Waterborne pharmaceutical, coating, and ink formulations
  • Biopolymer- and amphiphile-containing systems of biological significance
  • Templated synthesis of nanoparticles
  • Nanoparticle organization via external fields (directed assembly)