New iron catalyst could – finally! – make hydrogen fuel cells affordable

Published July 11, 2022

Print reported on how research by Gang Wu may be able to help reduce the cost of fabricating hydrogen fuel cells.

The study, first published in Nature Energy, describes how iron can be combined with nitrogen and carbon to produce a catalyst that is efficient, durable and inexpensive – the three main objectives the U.S. Department of Energy has identified for fuel cell research. Such an advancement could lead to a green power revolution, with everything from laptops to locomotives running on a fuel whose only byproduct is water

“This has been years in the making,” says the study’s lead author Gang Wu, professor of chemical and biological engineering . “We believe this is a significant breakthrough that will eventually help unleash the tremendous potential of hydrogen fuel cells.”

Read the story here. The story also was published in, Nanotechnology Now, and featured in CleanTechnica.