UB is Expanding its Leadership in Regenerative Medicine

cgte story.

Published January 9, 2022

University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) announced the launch of a new Cell, Gene and Tissue Engineering (CGTE) Center

“This rich, interdisciplinary environment fosters the integration of scientific discoveries and engineering breakthroughs with the ultimate goal to develop innovative technologies that can be translated into clinical practice”
Stylianos Andreadis, SUNY Distinguished Professor
Director - Cell, Gene and Tissue Engineering Center

Earlier this year, the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) announced the launch of a new Cell, Gene and Tissue Engineering (CGTE) Center to further enhance already cutting-edge research in the broad area of cell, gene and tissue engineering; to develop innovative engineering technologies for regenerative medicine; and to educate the future leaders in this field. 

CGTE is already investing in high-end technologies to enhance our research infrastructure and is bringing together talented researchers from Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and other SEAS departments, the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the School of Dental Medicine to promote innovation via interdisciplinary collaborations and make UB one of the leading institutions in this field, nationally and internationally.

Research in CGTE spans several areas including Stem Cell Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Regeneration; Biomaterials; Cell and Tissue Biomechanics; Gene, Protein and Drug Delivery (including novel vectors, vaccines and CRISPR technologies); Novel Imaging Technologies; HighThroughput Data Acquisition Technologies; BioMEMS; Omics (Genomics, Proteomics, Glycomics) and associated Systems/Computational/Big Data Engineering.

The CGTE will be directed by SUNY Distinguished Professor Stylianos Andreadis. Core founding faculty from CBE and BME include Drs. Sriram NeelameghamBlaine Pfeifer, Sheldon ParkNatesh ParashuramaRita Alevriadou, Jon Lovell, Ruogang Zhao, and Yun Wu. We are broadening our research excellence through participation of faculty from diverse units such as Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, Cardiovascular Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Oral Biology and Neuroscience.

CGTE aims to provide a platform to: (i) cultivate research collaborations among the Core and Affiliated CGTE faculty and their laboratory personnel; (ii) pursue funding in the form of multi-PI grants and training grants from federal and state agencies, as well as funding from private foundations; (iii) create a CGTE Core Facility to facilitate and enrich the research activities of the Core and Affiliated Faculty, and the UB scientific community at large; and (iv) build relationships with the biotechnology industry and facilitate entrepreneurial activities of our faculty and students.

Look for the CGTE newsletter to learn more about the new research facilities and the annual symposium being planned for spring 2022.