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Alumni Directory: Michael C. Mercer

B.S., 1967
  • Address: 1282 Saddlebrook Ln; Woodbury, MN 55125; US
  • Phone: 6513030229
  • Email: mike@MercerQualityConsulting.com
  • WWW: http://www.mercerqualityconsulting.com/
  • Employer: Mercer Quality Consulting, LLC
  • Position: President
  • Additional Info: I retired from the 3M Company after 35 years. I started a process engineer working on reflective road sign materials in St. Paul MN, then 3M Magic Tape, Scotch Masking Tapes, Double sided Tapes. I was the general supervisor for the department that made magic Tape backing in Hutchinson MN. I was the process and quality engineering supervisor for the plant that made masking and industrial tapes in Chicago. I transferred back to 3M Headquarters in 1990 and held a number of leadership positions. My last assignment as an Advanced Senior Quality Engineering Specialist was to lead a dozen teams in manufacturing plants, development laboratories, order entry locations, corporate metrology laboratory and three distribution centers to have the 3M Tape Divisions registered to the international quality management system, ISO 9001. My technical passions were for use of ISO 9001 as a basis for organization and control of small businesses, Statistical Thinking, Statistical Process Analysis, and use of Minitab Statistical Software. I have created a useful application for creating dashboards for Key Process Indicies (KPIs) using SPC type graphs. I have created extremely complex statistical applications using Minitab and MS Visual Studio to run the apps and subsequently provide video training on how to use the apps. At the age of 75, I still am at heart a South Buffalonian even though I have been gone for over 50 years.
  • Entry posted: 4/2020