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Alumni Directory: Paul A. Alberti

B.S., 1990
  • Address: 3318 Viewpoint Circle NE; Tacoma, WA 98422
  • Phone: (253) 927-5589
  • Email: asparagus@ibm.net
  • Employer: The Boeing Company
  • Position: Systems Analyst
  • Additional Info: After the music career fizzled, I settled down out here in Washington State. I am married to a fellow UB grad, Anntonette Zembrzuski, who, armed with her Political Science/English degree (and JD), has done more chemistry or engineering than anything I have done since graduation. We have a six year old, Katherine, who loves all things science. I still gig regularly, still enjoy those NY sports teams, and still hold many fond memories from those UB Chem E years. Original submission: October 1999.
  • Entry posted: 10/1999