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Alumni Directory: Edward M. Murphy

B.S., 1999
  • Address: 19 State Street; Middleport, NY 14105
  • Phone: (716) 735-6039
  • Fax: (716) 215-0655
  • Email: emmurphy@yahoo.com
  • Employer: Golder Associates
  • Position: Chemical/Environmental Engineer
  • Additional Info: Married, live in Middleport, NY (Past Lockport), restoring an old Victorian on the Erie Canal. Wife and I just had our first child 10/18/03, a son (Edward David). Just got my PE in New York, taking the Chemical Engineering exam (Dr. Kofke, don't faint). Have a ME in Environmental Engineering, also from UB. Working as a Chemical and Environmental (Remediation) engineer for a small office of a large, international consulting firm, Golder Associates (www.golder.com).
  • Entry posted: 1/2004