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  • 9/21/17
    Marcus Yam, BS ’06, graduated from UB with a degree in aerospace engineering—and then took a very different career path, becoming one of the top photographers in journalism today.
  • 7/11/16
    At 13, Brandon Stosuy (MA ’01) began hosting music concerts in his father’s backyard in rural New Jersey. “We’d get an old hay truck and borrow a PA from my friend Ed,” he says. “We didn’t really think of it as DIY in those days. It’s just what you did if you wanted to have a show.”
  • 5/13/16
    Katie Kaney, MBA ’96, BA ’94, the youngest vice president of Carolinas HealthCare System, started a UB alumni chapter in Charlotte on a promise. "UB connected me to my career, so I stay connected to UB."
  • 12/31/15
    During a UB Road Trip NYC, student Yu-Xi Liu walked up to Linda Gelman (BA '72), producer at Chicago City Limits (CCL), New York City’s longest-running improvisational comedy revue, and asked if she needed marketing help.

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