Mike Berg

 “One of the students had an Italian grandmother who made a great peach wine, and we figured that as a senior project, we would run the podbielniak column and make a great brandy. It worked just fine with results in the 70+ proof range. I don’t believe any of us drank it as we were afraid of going blind!”


Mike Berg, BS 1966

Mike Berg formed part of the original graduating class of UB CBE in 1966. After graduation, he joined Monsanto in Springfield, MA, and transferred to Chocolate Bayou, TX in 1968. In 1972 Mike left Monsanto and joined Georgia Pacific as plant manager. After three years Mike moved to Buckman Laboratories as plant manager and in 1983 moved to St. Louis with Chemtech Industries. During his period with Chemtech Industries he passed through two ownership changes, and had different tasks such as new process design, piloting, construction and process operation. In 1993 that Mike moved to sales and retired in 2005 as a national sales/tech service manager.

Mike has been doing sales and minor project work under his own LLC since 2005, and volunteer work through the Knights of Columbus with their charities involving kids with physical and mental disabilities. He plays golf, and is currently celebrating 56 years of marriage, with three daughters and five grandkids.

 “All professors were great but the one that sticks out in my mind was Dr. Mathewson. We brought a bottle of bourbon to his home for Christmas. He was genuinely neat.”

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