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Advising FAQ's

Who is my advisor?

As a UB ISE student, you have the ability to utilize a variety of advising services. 

SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education

SEAS Engineering Advisors are available for Freshman and Sophomore students as well as first semester transfer students. They also assist with areas such as:

  • UB Curriculum
  • SEAS-wide policies (i.e., Academic review, Admissions)
  • University-wide policies (i.e., TAP, Leave of Absence)

ISE Department Advising

Faculty Advising for Junior and Senior ISE students. 

The Undergraduate Coordinator assists with:

  • ISE course registration issues (see below)
  • ISE-specific policies (i.e., Tech Electives)

The Undergraduate Coordinator is located in 301 Bell Hall.

More Information about the major

How do I get credit for an internship, research experience or independent study?

To count as an elective, you must register for 3 credits of IE 496/498/499. A maximum of 6 total credits are permitted to count towards degree requirements for informal courses (496/498/499).


Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) enables F-1 students to take part in an internship or other experience that is integral to the curriculum of their degree program.

Step 1: Sign up for IE 496

Step 2: Submit form below upload your employment offer letter and the letter for your faculty advisor to sign.

Link to the sample letter format

Please describe here how the proposed work experience is integral to the curriculum.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Optional Practical Training is an F-1 student benefit that allows you to work off-campus in a job related to your major. It is meant to supplement your academic experience with practical experience.

Submit form below.

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I have applied for graduation

Force Registration Requests and Credit Limit Override

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