Faculty Advisement

Matthew Bolton.

What is Faculty Advisement?

This program provides students at the second semester sophomore level and higher an opportunity to meet with a faculty member once each semester to discuss progress toward the B.S.I.E. degree, satisfy milestone requirements, and discuss career development.

This is a REQUIRED program and you must complete at least one meeting per semester to register for IE 326, 327, 420, and 494

Getting Started – Signing up for an Advisor (If you don’t already have one)

  • This is a student centric process so YOU get to select faculty members who you would like to serve as your faculty advisor. To do this please go to advising to make your selections.
  • As soon as you are matched with an advisor, you can return to this page to see who you have been paired with.
  • NOTE: if you click on the above link and it directs you to a page that says your advisor is 410 Bonner, that is correct and just means you have not quite met the junior status required for faculty advising.

Once You Have an Assigned Advisor

  • You are responsible for making meeting arrangements with your advisor. Please contact them to arrange a meeting, providing them sufficient time to find a mutually available time to meet.
    • We encourage you to contact your faculty member by email in a courteous and informative manner. Please make sure to identify that you have been assigned to the faulty member as one of his/her UG advisees and include your full name, level (sophomore, junior, senior) and options for meeting times.

After Your Faculty Advisement Meeting

After you meet with you ISE Faculty Advisor, he/she electronically records your meeting. Then, SEAS receives this information and updates your student record to indicate that you have successfully met this requirement. You will receive two email messages during this process

  • After your ISE Faculty Advisor records your meeting
  • When your HUB record has been updated – indicating that you are now able to register for classes. Please note that this process may take 2-3 business days. However, once your record is updated you can register for ISE courses in HUB. In short, the advising meeting and subsequent changes to HUB act as pre-requisites to the courses listed above.  You do not need to submit a force registration request, please just wait for the hold to be cleared by the system and wait for the email. 


  • Please know that registration for other IE courses is completed via standard procedures, i.e. a student’s ability to register for other IE courses and non-IE courses will not be affected.  Be sure to register for these courses as soon as your enrollment appointment opens.
  • Please do not wait until the last minute to meet with your advisor, and come into your appointment with a tentative schedule for the upcoming semester.