In Person Events

Join us for our on campus professional development workshops throughout the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

In order to receive credit for SEAS 360°, students must first register through the email link for each workshop (you must opt in to the program to receive the link). When you arrive to each session, you will sign in to verify your attendance. You will be required to track your own training hours on your SEAS 360° tracking form. If you have any questions regarding workshop registration or tracking, please contact us at

September 9, 2019

Resume Writing for Jobs and Internships

September 10, 2019

International Students: The American Job Search

September 12, 2019

Get Discovered with your Bullseye powered by Handshake Profile

September 17, 2019

Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

September 24, 2019

Job and Internship Search Strategies

September 25, 2019

Making the Most of the Job and Internship Fair

October 1, 2019

Interviewing Hacks that Work

October 3, 2019

Soft Skills: The Key to Developing Your Career

October 4, 2019

Career Perspectives and Networking Conference

October 15, 2019

Graduate School 101 - Undergraduate Only

October 22, 2019

Public Speaking

October 30, 2019

DiSC Assessment: Understanding Your Leadership Style to Improve Emotional Intelligence

November 12, 2019

Internship and Job Search Strategies

November 14, 2019

Intercultural Communications in Today's Global Economy

December 3, 2019

Resume Writing - Building a Career and Your Resume

December 11, 2019

Networking: What is It, What’s Appropriate and Why It’s Important for Your Career

Online Training

Earn credits toward your certificate online through the UB Career Connectors Network.

In order to receive credit for SEAS 360° students must first register in the UB Career Connector Network. Once registered, you will then have the ability to select from a database of online training sessions by clicking on “Webinars.” Please note, only the online webinars listed below are approved for SEAS 360° training hours. Hours obtained via online webinars will be tracked and monitored electronically based on your login information but should additionally be included in your SEAS 360° tracking form. You may only use three (3) online training hours towards completion of your SEAS 360° Professional Development Certificate.

All webinars earn one (1) online training hour each.

7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online

Cover Letters 101

Emotional Intelligence During the Job Search Process

Interviewing at a Startup

Leveraging Your Internship Into a Full-time Offer

Networking Your Way to a Job

Resumes Done Write

Should I Attend Graduate School?

The Power of Your LinkedIn Summary

Transitioning from School to Work

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Whose Career Is It?

You the Brand: Building Professional Connections for Professional Results