The UB CBE Cheme Car Team

Assistant Professor  and Cheme Car team advisor Haiqing Lin sets up first meeting with students to design this year's cheme car for competition.  From Left to Right, Dr. Lin, Chin Hin Chan (Danny), AIChE VP, Leigh Slyker, Technical Lead, and Erin Jorgenson, AIChE student chapter president. 

UB CBE is excited for this year's cheme car competition!  Held each year in November, the national competition hosts teams that have successfully placed in their respective regional competitions earlier in the spring.  Teams must create a car powered solely on the energy that comes from a  chemical reaction in order to qualify to attend the events.  UB CBE is hard at work this year to get our entry ready for 2018!  

A scene from the national cheme car competition in 2012.  Photo courtesy of the AIChE.

For more information on the AIChE student chapter cheme car competition and to see pictures and videos from other years, visit the AIChE's resource page.