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UB alum and entrepreneur Bradley Cheetham came back to campus to share best practices for starting and maintaining a successful business.


Classes range from full-day seminars to a 7-month certification program.


The new department in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences aims to help transform how engineering students are taught.


Surveys in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds show steady numbers, but other species are disappearing.

As a summer research project, Adrian Denner, an undergraduate in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, set out to scavenge useful energy from the vibrations of a thermoacoustic resonator.

The assessments are facilitated by a local licensed provider, UB's Center for Industrial Effectiveness.


This fall, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences welcomed its largest incoming class of graduate students to date. The unprecedented class of 902 graduate students represented a 31% increase over fall of 2017.  


Widely available and inexpensive, the metal could lead to a renewable energy boom.