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The Buffalo News reports on Vader Systems, a company founded by father-and-son entrepreneurs Scott and Zack Vader, who have designed and are manufacturing a liquid metal printer, with an assist from Edward Furlani, professor of chemical and biological engineering and electrical engineering, who has advised the Vaders.

Researchers will tackle urban infrastructure and groundwater, air pollution, green infrastructure and stormwater management, and development of lower-cost solar cells.


The applications could be vast — from dramatically extending the range of drones, to powering back-up generators for remote cell towers, to tiny hydrogen generating machines for cars that run on it.


New vehicle engines are more efficient, and engine exhaust temperatures are lower. Innovative catalysts are needed to control the engine pollutants


The Hachmann lab group aims to chart new paths in data-driven in silico research and a rational design paradigm.

Research in Professor Ed Furlani’s laboratory involves multiscale modeling for the development of innovative materials and devices with features that are engineered from the nano to macroscale.
An article on DPA Magazine reports that Vader Systems, a father and son team in the Start-Up NY program, has invented a liquid metal printing machine that could represent a significant transformation in manufacturing.