UB CBE Adds New Teaching Faculty

Welcome Drs. Monica Lupion and David Courtemanche

The UB Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has added two teaching faculty to enhance undergraduate education, experiential learning and career development.

Monica Lupion

Dr. Monica Lupion

Dr. Monica Lupion received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Seville, Spain and since then she has had a diverse and rich working experience in academia (Associate Professor & Senior researcher, University of Seville, Spain), government (European Commission Expert Evaluator) and industry. Most recently, Monica worked at the MIT Energy Initiative, where she led multi-disciplinary sponsored research efforts into energy systems and low carbon technologies. in addition to teaching, Dr. Lupion will also be developing a new co-op program as part of our longterm plan to offer students more opportunities for industrial experience, and to enhance their connections.

David Courtemanche

Dr. David Courtemanche

Dr. David Courtemanche obtained his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and since then he has had a long and successful career in industry (DuPont), where his work focused on Process Safety Management and Process Hazard Analysis. For the past seven years David has brought his significant knowledge of manufacturing and process safety at Dupont to students in CE 408 Plant Design as an adjunct lecturer.  Now full-time, he will focus on teaching more of this course, and other  including CE 407 Separations, as well as accreditation.