Using AI To Build a Deep Learning Model

Saber Headshot.

PhD Candidate Saber Meamardoost

Published August 9, 2021

Co-op at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

PhD candidate Saber Meamardoost began his co-op journey working for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals virtually in May 2021 and will possibly move onsite to continue working at this position until December 2021. 

Regeneron is a biotechnology company that focuses on creating life-transforming treatments for patients with serious diseases. Founded over 30 years ago Regeneron has created nine FDA-approved treatments and is ranked as one of the top employers by Science Magazine.

Saber is working in the Preclinical Manufacturing and Process Development department at Regeneron and is using AI to build a learning model for optimal cell culture medium formulation. Saber says, " I use the skills I learned during my undergraduate and graduate studies as well as my research as a PhD. In this role, I use data science, machine learning, deep learning, and design of experiment skills to develop novel formulations for biopharmaceutical manufacturing."

Saber's supervisor, Dr. Sandra Bennun Serrano describes his role at Regeneron stating, "At Regeneron Saber is using AI to build a deep learning model, also known as Digital Twin, for optimization and design of experiments. The digital twin can capture and learn the complexity of the bioprocess and will be used to enable higher productivity of biotherapeutics."

Saber says he enjoys working for Regeneron as they "value science in their decision making and want to make the world a better place".