Research Highlights

Stay up to date on all the research projects underway in ISE.

The volume and auditory properties of medical alarms can produce situations to where medical personnel cannot hear and properly respond to these alarms.
ISE faculty members Victor Paquet, Ann Bisantz, and Lora Cavuoto are leading the development of new person-centered information technologies, sensing systems, assistive technologies, and home environments to advance health and function at home.
ISE associate professor Jun Zhuang has been awarded a three-year grant of $306K from the National Science Foundation for research on a project ''Robust Approval Process in the Face of Strategic Adversaries and Normal Applicants.'' 
Large scale planned special events (PSE), such as sporting games, concerts, and parades, attracting high volume of pedestrians, buses and passenger vehicles, result in significant non-recurrent traffic congestion.
Prediction of human error before it occurs is one of the most challenging topics in human factors engineering research.
ISE is making a difference in health system quality and effectiveness through a multidisciplinary approach that cuts across traditional areas in ISE to include faculty in service systems (Li Lin), human factors (Ann Bisantz, Lora Cavuoto, Victor Paquet) and operations research (Alex Nikolaev).
ISE faculty members Sara Behdad, Ann Bisantz, and industry partner Willie Cade are leading an NSF project on remediating Electronic Waste (e-waste) problems.