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Students of all levels interested in advanced manufacturing will find a wide variety of course options available through UB's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


The chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering will lead UB's undergraduate academic enterprise.


ISE research in transportation and logistics continues to grow. This fall, the Transportation Informatics University Transportation Center awarded funding to eight new research projects this fall, four of which involve faculty members from Industrial and Systems Engineering.


For the third time in 11 years, a team from UB's ISE department won the Ergonomics Design Competitio.

Jun Zhuang, a professor in UB’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and former student John Coles (PhD 2014, BS 2009), now a senior research scientist and project manager at CUBRC Inc., are the recipients of the 2017 Koopman Prize from the Military Applications Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).
An article on Upstart NY, which covers startups in the Buffalo area, features Vader Systems, which worked with UB engineers to develop a liquid metal 3-D printing machine. The articles notes that the company is hiring UB graduates.

The report, written by UB engineers, looks at fires involving residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

An article in The Conversation by Sara Behdad, an assistant professor with a joint appointment in industrial and systems engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering, examines why when a computer or smartphone breaks it’s hard to get it fixed and much more common to throw the device away, generating between 20 million and 50 million metric tons of electronic waste every year worldwide.