Professor Rajan Batta the top 50 “most productive and influential authors" of EJOR

Rajan Batta.

Published August 2, 2017

Professor Rajan Batta was listed in the top 50 “most productive and influential authors" in a recently published article commemorating the 40th year of publication of European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR).  ​EJOR is widely regarded as a top-tier publication for OR/MS articles, having an h-index of 200.  He has published a total of 20 papers in EJOR during the journal's first 40 years.  His most cited paper in EJOR is "Review of recent developments in OR/MS research in disaster operations management" published in 2013.  It is co-authored with his former PhD student Gina Galindo, who is now a faculty member at the University of del Norte, Baranquilla, Colombia.  This paper has a total of 198 citations according to Google Scholar.