Alumni Profile

Raul Del Hierro

Healthcare Professional, Buffalo, N.Y.

Raul Del Hierro

I have always been passionate about continuing my education. However, I was quickly finding out that at 36 years old it was becoming more difficult to balance a full-time job, my wife and kids and still have time to pursue a Masters Degree. I didn’t want to give up since I know the value of education and I am not truly fulfilled unless I feel I am growing both personally and professionally.

I researched how I would be able to go back to school while also balancing the other areas in my life. I found that UB was offering a full-time online Masters program. I thought this was a perfect solution. I immediately signed up for a fully online Master of Engineering (ME) degree with a concentration in engineering management.

I found the engineering management program was geared towards professional students. The professors often used real life examples in their lectures, which I found very useful when trying to apply this to my current professional life. It was very helpful that I could select times that worked for my schedule, and had the option to watch live or prerecorded classes. The professors were always available to meet in person or talk over email. 

This flexibility has given me the opportunity to complete a Masters Degree in only two years. I am very thankful for this program which has allowed me to advance in my career.