Alumni Profile

Kim Hodges

Sr. Sterility Assurance Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific, LPE Business Unit

Kim Hodges.

Kim Hodges

Why did you decide to pursue Engineering Management program?

I began the ME program for Engineering Management in Fall 2020. At the time, I was a little unsure of my abilities to succeed. My undergraduate degree was in Chemistry, and I had been out of school for many years working and raising a family. All knowledge I had of engineering was learned through work experience. I was a Sr. Validation Engineer for a pharma company, and my goal for entering the program was to obtain knowledge that could be used for professional and personal growth.

What did you like best about the Engineering Management program?

There are many brilliant professors in academia, but not all professors are able to connect with and inspire their students. I had Dr. Sabrina Casucci as my professor for the EAS 521, Principles of Engineering Management I, and IE 564, Lean Enterprise, courses. Dr. Casucci is  an engaging professor that teaches from both academic knowledge and several years of industry experience. She never hesitated to make time to discuss assignment questions or provide me with guidance based on her own experiences. Dr. Casucci encouraged me to leverage my professional background and utilize knowledge gained from her coursework to control the direction of my career path.

How did this program prepare you for your career?

In February 2021, I transitioned to my first global technical management role as the Sr. Sterility Assurance Leader for Thermo Fisher Scientific, LPE business unit. I am responsible for working cross-functionally to ensure compliance to applicable sterilization standards and regulations and for supporting long-term business expansion and growth. Dr. Casucci’ s EAS 521 and IE 564 coursework and mentorship had a direct impact on my ability to obtain my new position and be successful in my new role.