Alumni Profile

Jonathan Fronczak

Quality Assurance, Pine Pharmaceuticals, Buffalo, N.Y.

Jonathan Fronczak

What did you like best about the Engineering Management program?

This program challenges students to put themselves in the role of the engineering manager and teaches them the skill sets needed to succeed as a leader in a real-world setting. Through case study analysis, group discussions, collaborative group projects, as well as, individual readings and assignments students become fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to take that next step in their engineering management careers. Some of the highlights from the program were collaborating with many different students of various backgrounds, participating in discussion boards, and applying the knowledge learned to real world applications in my organization.  

Why did you chose this program over a traditional MBA?

This program is tailored towards students who are engineers or have completed an undergraduate degree in a related field. As a biomedical engineer, not only did this program involve topics in health care, but it also brought to light other facets of engineering such as electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering that I was able to learn more about. Being able to work with other engineers on various topics, we could teach each other on topics we were passionate about and learn from others on topics we weren’t familiar with. The beauty of this was that in the end, we could all use our experiences to come together and learn more about becoming a successful engineering manager.  This was not something I could have received in a traditional MBA program. 

How did this program prepare you for your career?

As a young engineer, I am now fully equipped with the tools and skill sets I need to take my career to the next level. Not only did this program offer the tools needed to succeed as an engineering manager, it also offered a variety of ways to practice these tools in your organization through projects. Since beginning this program, I have completed three projects with my organization in the areas of engineering management and lean enterprise and added them to my resume. This has given me more experience in a practical sense as I look to make that next step in my career.  

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Incoming students should be prepared to work on a variety of teams and collaborate with many other students. I encourage students to set up a good working relationship within their organization, if possible, as this program will engage students with projects within their company. Students should be diligent and have proper time management skills. Working full time while completing this program taught me the importance of these skills. Lastly, engage! You will get out of this program what you put into it, so I encourage any future student to be active in live meetings, discussion boards, and with giving feedback.