David Rose.

David Rose, BS '85

Senior Vice President at Marsh Risk Consulting

David Rose is a Senior Vice President at Marsh Risk Consulting. He works as a senior consultant with the Workforce Strategies Ergonomics Practice. He is a board-certified ergonomist specializing in occupational ergonomics and workplace safety. He assists clients across a broad range of industries in applying ergonomics and risk control principles and concepts that identify opportunities and intervention strategies to reduce injuries, develop best practices, become more productive, and save money.

David has over 30 years of experience in Occupational Ergonomics, Human Factors, Industrial Engineering, and Risk Control. He has a solid reputation and successful track record in achieving a significant reduction in workplace injury frequency and severity as well as improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability while addressing issues such as non-value added activities elimination, best practices development, and the aging workforce. Prior to joining Marsh in 2010, he served as director of ergonomics services at CNA Insurance for 12 years as part of the Home Office Risk Control group. Prior to that, David was a senior industrial engineer with the Crew Systems Division of the US Naval Air Warfare Center.

David has assisted clients of all sizes in a multitude of industries including manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, warehouses/distribution centers, and transportation. He has provided services such as: comprehensive evaluations of industrial, service, and office workplaces; development and conduct of customized training programs; ergonomic program development; and the application of lean initiatives (5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, etc.) while addressing material handling, workplace design, tool/equipment/product design, work methods, and various aspects of workplace safety such as machine guarding, slips/trips/falls, and PPE usage. His experience also includes interfacing with a variety of trade/industry groups and account sizes across multiple business lines (Workers’ Comp, Auto, GL, etc.).

He received his BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University at Buffalo, and his ME degree from Pennsylvania State University.