2020 UB CBE Graduate Research Symposium: Poster Session Winners

Pihu Mehrota.

GSA President Pihu Mehrota

Published December 1, 2020

UB CBE virtually hosted the annual graduate research symposium on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. During the poster sessions one student from each group was voted winner by a panel of judges. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and to those who won!

Poster Session Winners

During the poster session, students were split up into seven different groups: Biological Engineering I, II, & III, Nanoscale Materials and Science Engineering I, II, & III, and Molecular and Multiscale Modeling I. Each session consisted of 6-9 students presenting and a panel of judges to score each poster. The winner of each poster session received a $200 prize. 

Biological Engineering I

Pihu Mehrota.

Pihu Mehrotra

"Metabolic and Epigenetic rewiring mediated by Wnt-BMP axis preserves Neural Crest stem cell identity"

Advisor: Stelios Andreadis

Biological Engineering II

Theodore Groth.

Theodore Groth

"A systems based framework to deduce transcription factors and signaling pathways regulating glycan biosynthesis"

Advisor: Sriram Neelamegham

Biological Engineering III

Saber Meamardoost.

Saber Meamardoost

"Understanding Neuronal Network Dynamics during Motor Skill Learning through a Model Free Connectome Inference Method"

Advisor: Rudiyanto Gunawan

Nanoscale Materials and Science Engineering I

Shreya Mukherjee.

Shreya Mukherjee

"Precious metal free catalyst for hydrogen generation from ammonia"

Advisor: Gang Wu

Nanoscale Materials and Science Engineering II

Leonardo Gobbato.

Leonardo Gobbato

"Calcium Biomineral Formation and Growth in Hydrogel Media"

Advisor: Marina Tsianou

Nanoscale Materials and Science Engineering III

Venoos Roodan.

Venoos Roodan

"Formation and manipulation of ferrofluid droplets with magnetic fields in a microdevice: a numerical parametric study"

Advisor: Mark Swihart

Molecular and Multiscale Modeling I

Arpit Bansal.

Arpit Bansal

"A Software Module for Calculation of Virial Coefficients of Macromolecules"

Advisor: David Kofke