Zhiqi He

PhD Student

“With supportive professors who conduct cutting-edge research and care about the students, UB Chemical Engineering is designed for those with ambitions to succeed.”

- Zhiqi

The chemical and biological engineering department of UB attracted me with its comprehensive research activities spanning nanoscale, biomedical and computational science and engineering. Being able to pursue research in my field of interest while gaining knowledge on other fields made me think in a creative and multidisciplinary way. As a Presidential Scholar, I am grateful that the University pays close attention to my accomplishments and supports me with additional funding. The friendly atmosphere in this department definitely makes one feel valued. The Buffalo area has its own beauties, especially in the summer. The gorgeous lake views and soft breeze are among my favorites.

It is a pleasure to be a member of Professor Alexandridis’s group. My research focuses on the intermolecular interactions, structure and properties of ionic liquid-based self-assembled systems. Block copolymers and nanoparticles form various structures in ionic liquids. By characterizing the thermodynamic parameters and molecular organization of these self-assembly processes, the synergisms of interactions can be assessed. A fundamental understanding of the interactions in ionic liquid-based self-assembled system supports the rational design and structure-property optimization of hybrid functional materials.